Languages and divergent personalities

I promised myself I had to start noticing the small and beautiful things in everyday life as it it something I have not been doing for a while. It's easy to wherever you are get into a habit and forget what a wonderful place you happen to live in, all the small things that make the world amazing. Today I've been running around all over the place doing this and that without really thinking about anything else than what was right in front of me, but after a session with Katrine and Siri at the TSK, brownies made for me by Philip and Carsten as a bribe and some hardcore (trying to) twerk with Iman, Reda, Isadora, Kole and Daniel I now feel amazing and ready to take on life again, even though so many stressful things await. I stopped on the way back to my room and listened to the wind in the trees, the water swirling along the shore and the complete silence of the Norwegian countryside. 
If you wonder why I suddenly decided to write in English, the answer is that I'm not quite sure. I was walking by myself to Kantina a couple of days ago. It was a bad day, I recall, and I was talking to myself to calm myself down, I sometimes do that. And after a while I realized that I was talking to myself in English. This has never happened to me before. I must have reached a point where I feel more comfortable talking in English than Swedish, and that it itself it strange. 
You know how you say that you are a different person depending on which language you are speaking? I really feel it. I don't express myself in the same way in English as I do in Swedish, and therefore the content and the way the content is delivered is different. Thus, how you as a reader perceive my writing, and thus me as a person, will be different whether I write in Swedish or English. Isn't that interesting? I am so used to writing in Swedish here and writing in English in this context feels strange, so I will most likely go back to writing in Swedish after this, but since I realized that I suddenly feel more like myself in English, I wanted to see if it felt better writing my blog in English as well. It didn't really. Maybe it's more the spoken language English I feel comfortable, while expressing my feelings and thoughts in Swedish still is the most convenient for me. Interesting stuff, this thing with languages, don't you think?