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Even though I have lived in an extremely international setting before, this might be the first place where culture shock actually got to me. I don't know why, but it feels so much more intense here than it ever did in Flekke, and we're only 9 people here. Honestly though, it is probably mostly the setting of the US that is difficult for me. There is just so much that I fundamentally disagree with here - the health care system, the whole intense capitalism going on in every particle of the society, the US-centrism and lots more. I wish I had less prejudices, but it is what it is and I'm working on it. I generally pride myself with being a very non-judgemental person, and if that is something I want to continue to call myself, I need to work on this. A lot.
Enough ranting for tonight. I want to talk about what I've been up to. It has been a very intense schedule, and we haven't had enough time to actually go out and do fun stuff in San Francisco yet (I haven't even seen the Golden Gate bridge), but I've learnt a lot of useful stuff for my job this coming year. We've had sessions such as on sexual education, first aid, event programming, emergency preparedness, health care insurances, identity, mental health and peer counselling as well as on suicide prevention. Many heavy subjects crammed into a short period of time, but quite honestly I feel so much more prepared to embark on this weird and crazy journey now than I've ever felt. Which is good. Although, I'm still quite nervous for the rest of the students to arrive. Mainly because the role I'm in is quite weird and ambiguous as we are supposed to be role models and advisors, but at the same time also peers to the people in our resident groups. I think it will require some time to get used to it all. But I'm sure it will all work out for the best. 
And on that positive note, here are some pictures as promised. I finally found time to edit the pictures from the Farmer's Market and after.
P.S. I'm considering switching back to Swedish on the blog again. I just feel as I lose the point sometimes while trying to figure out how to express myself. #Lostintranslation. We'll see, but it is possible. There's always Google Translate though. And if you would rather me write in English, please say so so I know (since I actually have no idea of who's actually reading my blog, if anyone). 
Sara in the Farmer's Market.
Susan, our supervisor's supervisor (I think) in the Farmer's Market.
Yes, you see correctly - 50 cents!!! (Around 5kr)
Beautiful San Francisco murals on el Edificio de Mujeres on 18th Street Mission. 
Antonia admiring the murals. 
Mozzarella stick waffles with sprinkled mozzarella on top. 10/10 would not recommend. 
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