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To new adventures

And so begins the new chapter of my life - university. Well, not quite yet, I guess I should wait a couple of days for that statement. It does feel strange though, perhaps not as strange as leaving home for the first time for Norway, but strange enough to sit here in my parents' apartment in Stockholm and feel a bit... Nostalgic? Again? I'm excited too, but that took a while to be honest. I've had a summer of collecting countless documents and signatures and god knows what, but it's all coming into place now which is relieving (I thought it would never end).

In my emotional bag I will store and protect all my experiences and love for and from UWC (friends (family???), movie nights, the fjord, beautiful notes on my desk, hugs in kantina, hangouts in DH104, chocolate, dance parties and tea), my belongingness in Stockholm and everything I so luckily have here (AF friends (hur kan ni fortfarande orka med mig och mina idéer?), earlier friends, SSS, memories from choir, harmonies on the streets of Stockholm and a (short but beautiful) lifetime here) as well as all the love and energy I've received elsewhere. I'm so lucky to have received so much love in my life and to be able to follow my crazy ideas like this.

Ok end of the emotional burst-out. If you are at all interested in what I'll be doing in SF and forward, you are very welcome to check in here every once in a while and I will try to update (I was good at it during first year at RCN, I shall succeed again!) at least almost regularly. I will also do my best to write in English, but I warn you: there will be posts where the Swedish in me will overflow of poetic deprivation and/or homesickness.

I send love in abundance to wherever in the world you may be, and as we say in Sweden - puss!